The great dimensional change

Beyond the limits of classical ceramic sizes, beyond traditional spatial boundaries, Graniti Fiandre has developed the new MAXIMUM range for architects and designers to explore new dimensional challenges.

This innovative and unique 3000 × 1500 × 6mm format is made from high quality pressed porcelain (not extruded) material providing designers with a unique, lightweight (14.5kg/ m2) architectural finish that delivers a beautiful, resilient finish with greater strength and design flexibility.

Based in Reggio Emilia, Italy, Graniti Fiandre and Fiandre Laboratories have utilised advanced technologies and their years of experience in the development of high quality porcelain stoneware, to develop MAXIMUM – a one of a kind material available in a series of finishes that must be experienced to be believed.

From beautiful finishes inspired by nature, to the cool contemporary look of concrete, MAXIMUM is an environmentally friendly, 100% natural, partially recycled product available in a wide range of colours suitable for residential and commercial projects.

MAXIMUM is exclusively distributed in New Zealand by MAXIMUM New Zealand.