Specs & Physical Properties

Product Specifications

Nominal thickness
Actual Slab size
3000 × 1500 (4.5m 2)
Nominal weight
6mm – 14.67kg/m 2

Full details can be found in downloads:

PDF Downloads

In depth advice for fabricators, joiners, designers and installers on safe handling, transport, cutting, penetrating, edging and installation methods.

File size 3.58MB

This short form guide lists the key points to ensuring a successful Maximum bench top installation. To be read in conjunction with the full fabrication manual.

File size 3.61MB

Technical properties including slip ratings and fire safety testing.

File size 987.87kB

Learn how to look after your porcelain panels with this simple guide.

File size 689.69kB


MAXIMUM New Zealand recommends high quality adhesive products to suit all requirements and applications.

Installation of MAXIMUM porcelain panels to masonry, floors, walls and other suitable substrates. Provided by Laticrete.

File size 184.92kB

This epoxy adhesive is recommended for all porcelain to porcelain mitred joints. Coloured mixing pastes are available to suit repairs where needed.

File size 89.80kB

This flexible polyurethane adhesive is suitable for adhering porcelain to most substrates.

File size 303.45kB

This flexible epoxy/polyurethane adhesive is suitable for adhering porcelain to most substrates.

File size 226.11kB

Video: Handling, Storage, Cutting & Holes

Video: Wall laying

Video: Active Clean Air & Anti-bacterial Ceramic

Video: Installation using Raicut Clip and Adhesive

Working with MAXIMUM