• Government Projects

    MAXIMUM is particularly well suited to projects such as:

    • Motorway Tunnel linings
    • Hospitals/Medical centres
    • Railway & Airport Terminals
    • Universities and other Government facilities.

    Minimal maintenance & Anti-bacterial applications.

    Maximum Self Cleaning Panels
    MAXIMUM Porcelain Panels can be specified with ActiveTM Clean Air and Antibacterial Ceramic to create a self cleaning tile application. This is a patented productive process used to manufacture ECOACTIVE ceramic tiles and surfaces with anti-pollutant and antibacterical properties. Currently panel sizes include all standard sizes up to 1500 × 750mm.


    ActiveTM Clean air and Antibacterial Ceramic treatment is incredibly effective for inside and outside use and is suitable for applications in wide variety of fields including residential, commercial and public building projects where hygiene is particularly important including hospitals and schools.

    ActiveTM Benefits:

    • Technically advanced photocatalytic material
    • Embedded and fused into the panel at manufacturing stage – will not lose its effectiveness over product life span
    • Activated by light including sunlight and UVA – interior and exterior
    • Actively fights pollution helping to reduce building degradation and maintenance costs
    • Breaks down interior dirt and nicotine residue as well as odours caused by dirt: food and cooking residue and cigarette smoke
    • Sanitising effect – destroys harmful bacteria (99.% bacterial efficacy)
    • The only floor and wall ceramic certified by ISO 10678, ISO27447 and ISO 27448

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